Monday, 3 November 2014

Final Handin 3-8 weeks

This is what I did for my final handing. This image come from 38 of photo and join them together.
The idea of this image is the move moment of the time, from left hand side that a move moment of the sun from top to the down side. And right hand side that from the bottom to the top.  I just want the  give the viewer a idea of sun down and the sun rising.

At being of my project my idea is make a time lapses, from the idea at this image

this two photo i am join them together and use the photoshop the rotating the image to find out what is look like, but i don't like the image coming out.

After I did the searching of my idea, i start shot some photos and join them together, some of them are working well and most of them like the last two of them are not working well, that i can't join them together like what i did before, so i start focus on the join techniques and make some more searching about it.

This the image i find out from web side at china, and i don't have his name and what the ideas, but i like this frame, Now for my final hand in i not just do same thing i don't know, and use the sun light to showing a moment or an idea of the time lapse.

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