Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Portfolio Week 4 : Balance

Formal Balance

This the image did early, I just want creat a image have the formal balance, and I join the two image tegther. there have the same element at both side from the medium lidding line.

Informal Balance

In the visual image generally according to the size, the weight of the colour depth to ebb and flow, and the people's life experience, thought the subconscious to stereotypes, moving things than staatic, people than animals, and so on factours, gives the visual image of the weight, roughly of course everyon's experience different there is no absolute right weight.

If the screen to draw aline, we can find: the one on the left, a deer, two small leopard; The right to have two fox, a bear two wild pig and a lion. View should be the right weight by volume, but the left one person (people than animals), the right of the bear and ofx use intaglio, On the vison or balanced. If these things on the scale can be the balance of the above conclusion.

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