Monday, 17 November 2014

DT 2 Responses : Aaron K

This photo is shoot by Michael Grecco. He is an american celebrity portrait photographer.
By capturing  the beauty and personality of the model,  Michael Grecco elevates celebrity photography to a true art, which makes the photo utterly unforgettable. The strong contrast between the amazing model with the bleak and desolete background generates strong visual impacts.

The author  used a cinematic light when shooting this photo to generate striking sense of drama and an abiding admiration for style and beauty.

From the neutral light, this photo could be taken at dusk.

The author is good at incorporating cinematic light use in celebrity photos to create splendid visual effects inspires me. I viewed his photos from his website

This photo was taken in a deserted factory in  suburb area.  I am trying to emphasize the strong contrast between the beautiful model and the  obsolete  background and also the masculine  hard steel frames and the smart, soft and feminine lines of the model.

This photo is taken under the special time background that the chinese  new generation feel lost in their future life.

  It is studio-fashion- creative genre.

This photo is inspired by Michael Grecco's photos in his celebrity photography style.

Front lighting applied  to  express the energetic character of the model.

It is Steven Martin's portrait which is shoot by Michael Grecco. The author tries to depict the details of the personality of the model. The strong color contrast is also compelling and impressive.

Cinematic lighting applied in this photo.

This photo gives me a relaxed an intimate feeling. Through this photo, the author tries to convey the real innermost state of the model.

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  1. Hi Bruce. Can you post some of Aaron K's images and comment on how your photos relate to Aaron K's work