Sunday, 16 November 2014

DT2 repsonse - Nick T

This photo is taken by Michael Ray,  a mercian photographer who has his own studio in Pittsburgh.  Michael Ray specializes food photography for uses in advertisement, packaging, recipe cookbooks and specialty publications.

The theme of this photo is a normal american breakfast, which is related to the author's american life background.

This photo was taken in Michael Ray's studio in Pittsburgh and the taken time is not showed. From the lighting shown, it was probably taken in a sunny summer morning.

In my opinion, the theme of the picture mainly conveys a sunny fresh morning in summer. Therefore, it is independent of and social status.

The exact time of this photo is not showed. But from the time the author lives, it should be a photo of present days. Therefore, it is easy to understand the implications of this photo.

 At the first glance of this photo, all the elements, such as the fresh and colorful fruit dices, the bright sunshine an also the striking color contrast, remind me of the peaceful countryside life. Therefore, the conception of this photo is not relevant to events happened at that time.

I view this photo from the author's website This website is quite well organized and professional.

Through this photo, I  am trying to convey the countryside life in western China. This dish, called Yangroupaomo (Pita bread soaked in lamb soap), which is the most typical food of people in western rural areas. This dish is just simple local snacks which is not comparable to exquisite food  in star-rated restaurants. However, it reflects westerners' diligence and honesty as well as  simplicity.

In this photo,  I take the creative-commercial-product genre. Through this photo, I am trying to remind people of  the meaningful cultural connotations when they enjoy the dish.

Michael Ray's photo inspired me in taking my photo a lot  especially in lighting. By lighting, photos of food should emphasize the texture, the tone  to make audience feel and "taste" the food.

Besides of Michael Ray's photo, my inspiration of this photo comes form a chinese tv series about local specialties

From this sashimi  photo, I can see the striking color contrast. Besides,  I can feel the texture of fish slices and its freshness.

Digital camera with 160 per second shutter speed, 10 aperture, tripod used, toplight.

It increases audience's appetites.

This photo is advertisement photo. Therefore,  I think the photographer tries to tantalize audience's taste buds.

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  1. Hi Bruce. Can you post some images from Nick T and talk about how they compare with the photographs you have posted here?