Monday, 17 November 2014

DT2 response Allan McDonald

Interior of the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele, Naples, Italy.

This photo is taken by Andrew Prokos. He is an award-winning architectural and fine-art photographer.

The author  was born in Greek then migrated to the United State,settling in Chicago. During the mid 1990s Prokos spent two years living in Italy and Greece and traveling through Europe and Turkey. These traveling experiences inspired the author。

The photo above was taken from Naples Italy when Prokos  stayed in Italy during the mid 1990s.

From this photo, the  author is trying to express the grandeur and delicacy of the building. Therefore, it is independent of political beliefs and social status.

It is taken in the mid 1990s. So it is not far from now. I do not feel any difficulties to read his works.

The photo emphasizes the beauty of symmetry. In addition,  the strong contrast of round dome and angular lines of walls is quite impressive.

I viewed this photo by googling the author's name. I am impressed by the wonderful combination of modern architecture and classical feelings.

This photo I took for one of my client. This photo is used as advertisement for new house selling. According to the client's requirement, I try to express the modern and fashionable feeling of this house.

We live in a modern time. High technologies provide a lot of conveniences for our daily life. In order to attract buyers,  I try to reflect the modern feeling by emphasize the texture and feeling of the outer materials of the house in order to match modern indoor appliances.

It is creative-commercial-advertising genre.
I took this photo in a sunny afternoon. Avoiding overexposure, I excluded the sun from the frame. Furthermore, in order to convey the  magnificence, I took a lower angle when took the picture.

The lower angle I took is inspired by Prokos works to show the architecture's magnificence.

The photo is  about a metro station.

Tripod, digital camera 24 mm lens, fast shutter and large aperture applied.

This photo makes me feel very modern and fashionable of the architecture.

The author takes the escalators as leading lines to express beauty of symmetry of the ceiling.

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  1. Bruce, can you post some photos from Allan McDonald and talk about the similarities and differences of Allan's work to your own and also Andrew Prokos?