Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Portfolio Week 1 : Introduction to Portfolio

1. What research have you done this week?

Because I did a lot search on the internet everyday, just want see what about other photographer's work. This is interesting work I find out from this web side.
Photo(s) by Eirik Solheim in Oslo, Norway
had an SLR camera in my window at the same spot for one year. Snapping an image every half hour. I used the script from Aslak and made the following image.

She was shooting one photo everyday in a years time, and cut one slice a pat to join them together. That was amazing image to get four session in one photo.

2. How is this research relevant to your project?

Yes, I get an ideas at earlier of this semester, try to make a photo with different light going on, and shooting about 12 - 24 photo to join them together, but was too easy to thinking about it. This work give me the example of the work I am going to do.

3. Image research: what techniques/ideas will you take from these images?

She was using the photoshops to cutting ever photo to join them,and using the same set of the camera at ever day.

4. What photos have you taken this week?

I have not shoot every photo this week, Because i have not find a nice place to start my project.

5. What’s working?

Need some setting if I'm  going to shoot ever photo and focus point.

6. What’s not working?

I do not think I can make it in ones. 

7. Where to next?

I am going doing some more research of how to join the image in photoshops, it is not that just join them together, that focus point, the layout and any more new techniques I can use.

8. What is your genre?

Creative genres and Editorial genres

9. What techniques and style will you incorporate for these photographs?

I am going to use my 24 mm lens to  shoot about  6 - 8 images at 360 angle at ones, and choice the light from dark to bright to make about 12 - 24 times. After that I will join the 6 - 8 images with 360 angle images to one image in photoshops. Now I  have 12 - 24 images, and cutting one slice from other images and join them again in photoshops. In the end I will turn the image to a circle image.

10.  How will you approach research for this project?

I will look it some Chinese photo web side to get some ideas to fix my plan and try to make it right.

11. What is your plan for your first three weeks?

Week 1 : Set up for my project plan and start research the shooting skill.

Week 2 : Research more photo to make my plane perfect.

Week 3 : Start shoot some example to prepare the finale project.

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