Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Portfolio Week 3 : Balance

Interior of the George Peabody Library in Baltimore 
By Matthew Petroff
15 Jan 2013

When we are looking at this image, the first feeling come out will be the balance. Balance is a compositional technique in photography that juxtaposes images within a farm so that the objects are of equal visual weight. When different parts of a photo command your attention equally, perfect balance is achieved. In photography, there are two main techniques of balance you should be aware of: formal and informal.

Formal Balance

There are basically two types of balance in photography. The first is formal balance, also called symmetrical balance. As the name suggest it is when one or more identical or similar subjects are repeated symmetrical on each sides of a given point. The formal balance is most often recognized by subjects that are uniform in shape

Informal Balance

The second type, informal balance or so called asymmetrical balance is when one or more dissimilar elements are balancing on each side of a given point. Informal balance is less obvious because the subjects are not uniform. A well made image using informal balance is more appealing to the viewer compared to a symmetrical composed image.

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