Thursday, 4 September 2014

Final handin

f/13.0, 1/250, ISO 100

This photo I was shooting at Muriwai Beach, that women, dog and bobby in side. So I will name it "Where is the man?" or "He is working".

Why I am choice this image for may final handin, Because in this photo that leading lines, rules of third, shadow, light form dark to light, fore/mid/background, vantage point, negative space and contrasting colors.

The leading lines in this image that a line from the dry side of the beach to the water side of the beach become a S leading line. why i am make this image to B&W, Because i try color the image and B&W, the color make too much information inside, i just want the people who looking at this image focus on the dog and women, and the B&W is make more feeling. on the high angle i can get the beach and subject in one's. The subject is mid ground, the rock is fore ground and the sky is back ground.

What i did to this image when i got it after, i just using the camera raw cut some and make it to rule of third, make it to B&W, give some more sharpen and make the light down a lot bite. 

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  1. These is a beautiful photograph Bruce. Can you comment on your decision to convert to B&W and make further comments on your compositional techniques such as where the leading lines lead the viewers eye?