Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Artists: week 6 three

Born in Waterbury Connecticut, on October 2, 1949, Leibovitz is the third of six children. She is a third-generationAmerican whose great-grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe. Her father's parents had emigrated from Romania. Her mother, Marilyn Edith, née Heit, was a modern dance instructor of Estonian Jewish heritage; her father, Samuel Leibovitz, was a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force. The family moved frequently with her father's duty assignments, and she took her first pictures when he was stationed in the Philippines during the Vietnam War.
At Northwood High School, she became interested in various artistic endeavors, and began to write and play music. She attended the San Francisco Art Institute, where she studied painting. For several years, she continued to develop her photography skills while working various jobs, including a stint on a kibbutz in Amir, Israel, for several months in 1969.

She was shooting this image from an image studio. There are top light on the top her with the soft box, and background is gray color. i think may have one or two reflector on her left and right.

She was shooting this in the image studio, and one flash light with honeycomb shoot on his left hand side   (I like honeycomb more than other light, because is easy to get angle from person's face, specially for a men's face ), and one soft box light shooting the background from behind of him at left hand side.

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