Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Artists: Week 1

Michele Abeles
born 1977 in New York, lives and works in New York.
Coaches, 2013. Archival pigment print triptych, overall : 160.3 * 232.4 cm
Installation photo: Joerg Lohse
The best summer afternoon ever i dream about it. This photo was showing one of small garden, there is lovely cat enjoy the sun. the glass is showing someone may coming too.
The layout this photo is the three line join in one place, and make we looking at the cat in the middle, that color of this three area is green and red color. there are very colorful.

Runa Islam
Dead Time
2000. 16 mm, 5', Loop.
Courtesy: White Cube, London
Lonely women were looking at the table.
When we are looking at this photo, the table will be the look at first, because the table look like a mirror showing her face and she's look at too, make her more sad.
The layout of this photo, is the most image is the table and shadow, only 1/3 times is the lady her self.  her face on  the table is in the middle of the photo.

Anne Collier
Born 1970 in Los Angeles, lives and works in New York.
Woman with a Camera (Postcard, Verso Recto), 2013
C-prints, 117.5 * 97.5 cm each.
Primitive woman is using a camera to looking at the world. the background of photo is gray and the girl's body is dark, make the color very nice and easy to look at it. and the metal decoration is so beautiful and wild.
The layout of the photo, is her arm make a


  1. These are all great images Bruce and I'm pleased that you have good time management skills when it comes to your self directed tasks. I'm enjoying your descriptions of these photos but could you say what you like about these images?

  2. thank you Caryline, i just did some update, that's all the feel about this three photos. may be later i can update some more.

  3. Thanks for these updates Bruce. You make some insightful observations.