Thursday, 31 July 2014

Artists: week 2 two

"Mosselprom building" photo by Alexander Rodchenko, 1926
"Shukhov tower" photo by Alexander Rodchenko, 1929

Rodchenko Alexander Stairs 1930 c A Rodchenko V Stepanova Archive Moscow House of Photography Museum_TopCarousselLandscape

Aleksander Rodchenko was one of the most important photographers of the early 20th century. He worked as a painter and graphic artist before he turned his attention to photomontage and photography. Rodchenko's influence changed views on photography and the role of the photographer. He looked at the world from a completely different point of view (literally) than those who came before him.

Aleksander Rodchenko and Point of View

Rodchenko developed a new way of looking in a natural way. He went to extremes to try out various viewpoints, and would photograph his subjects from every angle. The world was to be considered in a new way. 'The most interesting points of view today are "from above down" and "from below up," and their diagonals', wrote Rodchenko in 1928. This way of seeing was extremely unusual for his time. He stood under a ladder to photograph someone from below, while his contemporaries usually took their photos at eye level. Today's digital cameras are light and compact and make it easy to shoot photos from a variety of angles. Rodchenko, on the other hand, worked with large, cumbersome, heavy cameras that were not easy to transport. Quickly snapping a photo was not possible. For that reason, a lot of thought went into taking a photo. Become inspired by Rodchenko and try to find interesting viewpoints, to work in an investigative and original way. Try to avoid eye level and make everyday objects unique by capturing them with your camera from unexpected angles and points of view. Be aware of the ease offered by light and compact digital cameras and use them to your advantage.

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